Tasten, Töne, Tamtam, Therapie

released April 25, 2014 – experimental Trip Hop sounding sounds. Deep and melancholic.

Sound: Bom´roh
Rap: Prayamond
Piano: Sven Weisemann
Mixing & Mastering: KravenZ

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Kalter Kaffee von gestern

The songs already old, the coffee already cold! So far unreleased, stale songs of the years 2006 to 2009
have been warmed up, stirred and sprinkled with fresh whipped cream!

Features: Alligatoah, Gebull, Mayah
Beats: Bessa Wissa, DJ Danga Finguz, Easy Beatz, Jakob Kunz, Moretime Productions,
KravenZ, Lukas Diehl, Sam Parker, Unikat Beatz
Ex. Prod.: KravenZ
Design: Prayamond


Broke & Talentiert

Too broke to rap on exclusive beats, but talented enough, to release this acutely honest and completely self mixed
mix tape on February 10, 2010.

On instrumentals by Alphabeat Productions, Unikat Beats and others Prayamond reveals her soul.
Mastering & Design: Prayamond


Germany’s Next Mixtape

Prayamond combines esprit with substance and sensuality with coolness. The hallmark of this mixtape is that she reconciles three things with her rap: good humor tracks, which are danceable, profound lyrics and musicianship.

Mastering & Design: Prayamond


Schritt für Schritt
Not long after Prayamond has fallen into hip hop and at times, when she still made her beats by herself, she ventured out on her first release. Knowing that she has to go “Schritt für Schritt” (german for „step by step“) she reveals imperfection and creativity.

Mastering & Design: Prayamond
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