Gig in Brühl, Germany1044326_547840641925086_442911961_n

Gig in Brühl, Germany                                                                                         Gig in Porz (Cologne, Germany)



  • more gigs
  • so far unreleased songs from the years 2006-2009 got partially remade and released on of release „Kalter Kaffee von gestern


  • Gig in Hagen, Germany and on the Freakstock Festival near Kassel, Germany
  • Lyrics were only occasionally written this year.

    „I focused more than usual on my relationship with God.
    I just made that a priority. It was a very intense time which I had enjoyed,
    from which I gained a lot of energy every day and which influenced my life until now.“


  • Release of the album „Broke & Talentiert
  • Performance in the context of an aLIVEtime jam in Gießen, Germany
  • appearance as a feature guest in the track „Reallife 1.6“ on Alligatoah’s album „In Gottes Namen“
  • more guest features on the albums of EnJoyz and D.A.P.


  • published some free tracks
  • been working on the next album
  • Performances in the context of aLIVEtime jams in Cologne and Würzburg (Germany)
  • two features on the album „Devylution 2.0“ of the rapper Devyl D who passed away in 2011

„Please visit his page so that his incredibly passionate music will not be forgotten!“


  aLIVEtime concert in Würzburg, Germany



  • published some free tracks
  • gigs (in the Görlitzer Park in Berlin, Germany; again in the autonomous youth center AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen, Germany and in other youth centers)
  • guest in the studio of the local radio station „Radio Erft“, on air with an interview and the track „Yo te quiero“


  • published „Germany’s Next Mixtape
  • released the video clip of the track „Germany’s Next“ produced by Daniel Pook in Berlin, Germany
  • briefly a part of the Hürth, Germany rap group THC Connection (abbrev. for The Hürth City Connection), who made it into the local newspaper „Kölner Stadtanzeiger“ with an exclusive article
  • more gigs in the club „Underground“ and the „Tuba-Bar“ in Cologne, Germany
  • first launch of prayamond.de with an exclusive fan package (track, video, lyrics, and wallpaper) for the first visitors
  • with the song „new year’s Eve (feat. the Song „Silvester (feat. B-Rex)“ made it into the newcomer charts and then on chart position 15 of DAS DING Netzparade


  • Activity on MySpace
  • published more free tracks and features
  • Formation of the nationwide christian rap community aLIVEtime
  • Performances with several aLIVEtime members in Osnabrück and Hannover (Germany)

aLIVEtime concert in Osnabrück, Germany  writing

aLIVEtime concert in Osnabrück, Germany                                                                 writing



  • for the first time active under the name Prayamond
  • published tracks on the music network My Own Music
  • the track „Hoch und Tief“ recorded and mixed by Nic Knatterton & Johanna, a rap duo from Aachen, Germany ranked on MyOwnMusic hip hop chart position #1
  • released „Schritt für Schritt“ EP
  • first public appearance in the autonomous youth center AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen, Germany

in the studio with Nic KnattertonFirst-appearance-2005

   in the studio of Nic Knatterton                                                                                                        gig in „AJZ Bahndamm“



  • posted single tracks on online boards
  • networking with rappers and producers
  • working on an EP
  • produced some beats with fruity loops


  • found faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible
  • first recordings with a cheap microphone and the Windows audio recorder, edited with the Nero wave editor. For the most part self-produced beats with hip hop eJay
  • Activity on the MZEE.com online board


  • met Gebull and wrote the first rap lyrics together with him

prior to 2002

  • unconsciously wrote first rap lyrics, poems with 16 bars and rap-like metric